Just because your loved ones are older does not mean they can’t be active. Regular exercise is as important for the elderly as it is for the young. It can alleviate common ailments, delay or prevent conditions like diabetes and heart disease, reduce pain from arthritis and help manage anxiety and depression. Exercise is also an important measure to prevent falls and extend the length of time your loved ones can remain in their home, potentially bringing in elder home care for assistance rather than going into a senior care facility.

Care.com recently published a list of ideas to help the elderly begin and maintain an exercise routine. Like with all exercise regimens, it is important for your loved one to check with doctor before beginning, and to slowly ease into a routine if they are not regularly active. Once they have been cleared to exercise, however, help them discover activities that will incorporate both cardio, strength, and flexibility training. Help them be consistent in their exercise regimen by finding an activity that they enjoy, and becoming their accountability partner. By finding ways for both of you to stay active together, you will enjoy the benefit of spending quality time with your loved one and also improve your own health. Encouraging exercise is one of the best things you can do to help your elderly loved ones stay healthy.

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