Mothers who are actively raising kids generally get the primary focus on Mother’s day. However families will inevitably celebrate Mother’s Day differently. In some, each member of the family will recognize and celebrate their OWN mother. Others may celebrate all mothers in a family activity together, such as in multi-generational homes this may be more likely. Furthermore, some families are blended and involve many different “motherly” roles for example step mothers and same sex relationships where there are 2 mothers. The logistics can get a little confusing but what really matters is that all Mothers feel special on this day.

Therefore however your family chooses to honor Mother’s day, it is best to ensure that Grandmothers are also be recognized in some way. They are mothers after all, and without them, the current generation of parents would cease to exist!  While there is a Grandparent’s Day later in the year, it is not as widely recognized and celebrated, and so Grandparents will likely still prefer to be celebrated on Mother’s and Father’s Day as well or in lieu of Grandparent’s day.

So how should you honor them? While the possibilities are endless, one primary way to make sure a Grandmother feels special is to simply call them!  A phone call from a beloved family members means the world to many Grandmothers, especially those who live far away and cannot see their kids or grand kids much. For those who live close a visit would be even more special, especially for those who may live alone or in senior living communities. A simple card (even hand made ones from the grand kids) can also truly brighten a Grandmother’s day. As for gifts, most grandmothers would be delighted to receive flowers or perhaps a nice meal at their favorite restaurant. Sentimental gifts such as photographs or hand made crafts by the children are always cherished.  Gifts do not have to be expensive to be appreciated.

What if someone forgets?

If you are a Grandmother and feeling left out, a great idea is to reach out to your daughters, granddaughters or daughters in law to wish them a happy Mother’s Day. This will brighten their day and most likely they haven’t even realized the oversight of including Grandmother in the Mother’s Day Festivities. You will likely get a warm Happy Mother’s Day greeting in return and it will be a nice chance to talk and catch up. It is best not to take it personally, as it was unlikely intentional and harboring hurt feelings is not good for any family. Grandmothers do deserve to be remembered on Mother’s Day, but it is best not to have unrealistic expectations for any holiday and to instead simply enjoy the families we have every chance we have!

About the Author: Pam Reynolds, CMC is the President and co-owner of Allegiance Aging Care Services. Pam has spent almost fifteen years working in senior care including long term care facilities and home health care. Her higher education is in Social Work, and she has been credentialed as both a certified Geriatric Care Manager and Licensed Assisted Living Administrator. Read more about Pam and her team of Aging Care Professionals here



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