Frequently Asked Questions

Will your agency provide a free consultation prior to beginning services?

Yes, we can provide a free consultation visit for assessment of needs.

How fast can services be arranged?

This is situation dependent but we can and have arranged services as quickly as a few hours when the situation is urgent.

Do I need a physician order to begin services?

No, we can begin services immediately after our initial assessment with you is complete. No physician orders are required.

What qualifications will my caregiver have?

Allegiance Home Care employs only the highest quality caregivers. We go to great lengths to ensure that we match you with the best caregiver to meet your individual needs.

Does your agency perform background checks?

Yes, all employees are thoroughly background checked and credentialed before we hire them.

Does your agency carry liability and worker’s compensation coverage?

Yes, you can rest assured that your caregiver is covered by our Agency’s liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Does your agency provide 24/7 phone service?

Yes, a professional is always on call to assist you if needed!

Does your agency provide regular supervisory visits to the place of service?

Yes, and you will never be charged for these visits.

Can I use my long term care insurance to pay?

Yes, many long term care insurance policies will cover our services. We can assist you with this process. Please contact us for more information.

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