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Reinventing Home Physician Care

Dr. Yirga and her team provide routine primary care, “urgent” care, transitional care, and “on call” services in and around Northern Virginia. These services assist aging adults to remain healthy and thriving in the home setting. We work in an orchestrated fashion to provide the highest quality services and exceed your expectations. We will meet you at your preferred location and convenience. House calls can generally be arranged within hours of the appointment request. Dr. Yirga prides herself on being readily accessible and responsive to her patient’s needs.

Does your aging loved one want to continue living at home? Download our free guide to successful aging in place.

Does your aging loved one want to continue living at home? Download our free guide to successful aging in place.

Routine Primary Care

Dr. Yirga’s practice is sensitive to the unique needs of many homebound patients and specializes in mediating state of the art medical care in the home. She and her team can manage most common adult medical concerns in the comfort of your home. Some common conditions that Dr. Yirga treats are hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes mellitus, respiratory diseases such as COPD, back pain and osteoarthritis, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) and depression, to name just a few. We are fully equipped to bring hospital quality care using mobile medical equipment and other state of the art tools (such as EPIlls) to ensure the patient is safe, healthy and functioning as independently as possible in the home. For routine Primary care Dr. Yirga bills insurance and charges a nominal visit fee.

“Urgent” Care – Acute Visits

An acute or “Urgent” visit is usually for a medical complaint or acute illness. Concerns can be addressed such as sore throat, cough, fever, headache, bronchitis, pneumonia, dehydration, acute delirium, just to name a few. For aging adults, this can be a very convenient option versus going to a clinic or the Emergency Room. While certain serious illnesses cannot be treated at home, the majority can be. We comply with all standards recommended by the Occupation Health and Safety Administration. Acute Visits are charged at a slightly higher rate than routine visits and are given scheduling priority.
In general, you can expect us to cover your main concern at your visit. All of your concerns are important to us and if there are other concerns you would like covered, we will likely make a routine medical appointment to address them.

Transitional Care (Extentionist Program)

Dr. Yirga knows that the days and weeks when a patient returns home from the hospital or a rehabilitation center are both frightening and dubious. Many times a follow up appointment with the patient’s primary care is not set for 6 weeks or longer post discharge. Dr. Yirga can provide a house call within 48 hours of the discharge to go over the discharge recommendations to ensure patient understanding, provide medication reconciliation, and help facilitate necessary follow up services. We can correspond with your regular physician if you’d like, keeping them posted on your health status.
Dr. Yirga bills Medicare/Insurance for this service at no additional charge to the client during their first 30 days home following discharge. Dr. Yirga also works in conjunction with Allegiance Home Care, providing oversight to home care services that many seniors need in this transition period.

At Your Service: “On call” Services

Based on demand, we now offer doctor “on call” services. Dr. Yirga will have all necessary equipment to address an onsite emergency and will correspond with your regular physician if you’d like, keeping them posted of your health status.
For this service our standard Acute Visit fee will apply in addition to a flat per hour “on call” fee. For example, you request a Dr. Yirga to be “on call” for 12 hours while an infirm patient visits Loudoun County. The charge would be the hourly “on call” charge plus the cost of the house call.

We care about YOU! We want to meet both your healthcare needs and also your personal goals and desires. We are sensitive to beliefs, cultures, and end of life wishes.

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Dr. Yirga and Associates bills a vast number of insurances. For some house call services we also charge a convenience fee which is due up front at your appointment. Our pricing is done in flat rates so that no one is looking at the clock during our appointments. We do not charge membership fees or mileage. What you are quoted is what you will pay. Please contact us for further pricing information.

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