House Call Services

Reinventing Home Physician Care

The Modern House Calls Program that Allegiance offers embodies the following priorities:

  • Providing homebound older adults easy access to high quality routine and preventative care
  • Reducing stress and headache for older adults and their families navigating the complex medical system
  • Reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and avoiding exposure to germs in waiting rooms
  • Reducing costs on the healthcare system
  • Promoting optimal wellness for elders in the community

Convenience Medicine

Our team provides House Calls for routine primary care, “urgent” care and “on call” services in Northern Virginia, assisting aging adults to remain healthy and thriving in the home setting. While some serious illnesses cannot be treated at home, most common adult medical concerns can be managed. For aging adults, this option saves them from going to a crowded clinic or the Emergency Room. House calls can generally be arranged within 24-48hours of the appointment request. For this service we bill insurance and there is also a modest Convenience Fee to cover travel.

Transitional Care (Extended Care Program)

The days and weeks after a patient returns home from the hospital or a rehabilitation center are both frightening and uncertain. Many times a follow up appointment with the patient’s primary care cannot be arranged right away, or the patient cannot get there. For Allegiance Home Care private duty clients, we can provide a house call within 48 hours of discharge to go over recommendations to ensure patient understanding, provide medication reconciliation, and help facilitate necessary follow up services. We can correspond with your regular physician keeping them posted on your health status.This service is at no additional out of pocket charge to the home care client, Dr. Yirga only bills Medicare/Insurance so a co-pay applies. For those not utilizing home care services a modest Convenience fee does apply.

We care about YOU! We want to meet both your healthcare needs and also your personal goals and desires. We are sensitive to beliefs, cultures, and end of life wishes.

About Dr. Yirga

Dr. Rahel G. Yirga is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Internal Medicine. She completed her undergraduate at the University of Maryland (Baltimore County) her medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (Baltimore, MD), and internal medicine residency at York Hospital’s Department of Medicine, in York, Pennsylvania under the direction of Residency Program Director, J. Wolfe Blotzer. She was one of the original founders of Winchester Medical Center’s Hospitalist Program in 2003. She has been working in private practice since 2011 and has 15+ years of experience serving geriatric patients in the hospital, acute rehabilitation, nursing home, assisted living and home care settings. Her true passion is providing home medical care. She is recognized by her patients as being on the cutting edge of medicine and being their “Guardian Angel.”


Dr. Yirga has privileges at Fairfax hospital, Alexandria hospital and Reston hospital. She serves as the Medical Director for Allegiance Home Care, helping homebound aging adults maintain independence at home.

Excellent service, reliable, helpful, trustworthy, couldn’t expect more.”


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Dr. Yirga and Associates bill a vast number of insurances. For house call services we also charge a convenience fee which is due up front. Our pricing is done in flat rates so that no one is looking at the clock during our appointments. We do not charge membership fees or mileage. What you are quoted is what you will pay. Please contact us for further pricing information.

We comply with all standards recommended by the Occupation Health and Safety Administration. View and download the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

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