Care Options

Two Flexible Care Options

Agency Directed Care

Do you want to live at home but are starting to need some help to ensure safety and comfort? Personalized care services from a compassionate and reliable caregiver can make all the difference. We can assist with both hourly and live-in care solutions based on your individual needs. With live in care, you pay a bulk daily rate vs. hourly so that you do not pay for the caregiver’s off time. Every caregiver is vetted and trained and is an employee of Allegiance Home Care, not an independent contractor. All clients are assigned a Care Coordinator that will personally work with them to ensure quality assurance.

Client Directed Care

Live in care is often a more affordable option for those who need a considerable amount of assistance or an added peace of mind for loved ones, knowing that someone is always there to help. Under the Client Directed Model, the caregiver becomes your household employee and you enjoy all of the financial advantages of this arrangement. After an appropriate caregiver is located for you, Allegiance provides all of the administrative services for the initial set-up and on an ongoing basis, including:

  • Credentialing and background check of companion
  • Payroll processing services
  • Insurance paperwork
  • Long Term care claims
  • On-call back up staffing support.

The fees for Allegiance’s services are calculated as a percentage of the agreed upon pay rate for the hired caregiver. The total cost is approximately 1/3 less than agency directed care because you can claim exemption for household employees and are not paying the additional overhead to us as you would if the caregiver was our employee.

Living on your own doesn't have to mean living alone.

Please contact us for further information and a full comparison of pricing options.

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Other Services:

Care Coordination

Each client is assigned a dedicated Care Coordinator who will oversee the care provided and is available for any questions or concerns. Our Care Coordinators work dilligently to ensure that you are happy with your services, and correct any issues that may come up in a timely manner. Regardless of which model you choose, this service is included.

Physician House Calls

Would the convenience of a house call physician make your life easier? You can choose to have one of our physicians hold your medical appointments in the comfort of your own home. This is an optional add-on service, and various pricing and billing options are available. We provide a complimentary house call to Medicare patients discharging home from the hospital or a rehab center, to ensure a smooth and safe transition. Contact us for more information regarding this service.